Why You Shouldn’t Use Social Media

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

Why are you in business?

Why do you write your blog?

What is your purpose in life?

If the reason you are doing these things is just to make money, then you shouldn’t use Social Media, you should just get a job.

We all have to live, so money factors in what we do, but it should be as a by-product, not a purpose. This is why many, especially businesses, find Social Media so hard to grasp. They are always looking for the ROI in monetary terms, not at the long term good; they shouldn’t use Social Media.

Using my blog as an example, I write 3-5 times a week, what drives me? I believe anyone can do what I do and that if they choose to take the time to learn can reduce costs, market more effectively and engage with their customers. They can avoid paying through the nose for a web site, or for some fly-by night agency to run ineffective and expensive online campaigns. Nothing is more pleasing than helping their business stand out from the crowd.

It isn’t that difficult, it just requires a bit of time, a different perspective and for you to take part.

Okay, I have two Ads, sponsored posts and some affiliate links on my site. These are products I use or companies I trust, and if you like what you see buy them, if not don’t. It will not impact on whether I write because I firmly believe in the online landscape as it is evolving. I am in no rush to make a fortune, I am focused on my purpose, are you?

I will try to write better content, I will try to understand more of what you need, and I will try to help you get it.

The ability to do this has always existed, it’s just been harder to do offline. Now anyone can write about their passion and publish it online. If you can’t write, then video or audio are viable alternatives. You can do this for free, whether personally, as part of your job or as a business.

You just require passion with a long term vision of where you want to go. If you’re a short-termer, looking to turn a quick buck, you shouldn’t use Social Media.

Patty Sherin introduced me to a TED Talk this weekend, by Simon Sinek. It’s title How Great Leaders Inspire Action doesn’t really do the message of the talk full justice. To me it was more than just about leadership, it was about the power that drives us to achieve and recognising how we can acquire it.

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